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Where Can I Buy A Body Massager

If you want a gentler massage and the option of using a handle with a longer-than-average reach: The Lyric Therapeutic Massager might appeal to you. Less a massage gun and more a handheld massager, it purports to use vibration frequencies packaged into various combinations of rhythms geared toward relaxation, energy, and calm. The Lyric has a sleek look (it is available in five colors) and weighs 1 pound (about half the weight of most of the massage guns we tested, and noticeably lighter). It comes with a handle extender, which in our tests proved helpful for reaching hard-to-access areas like the upper back and (from certain positions) the lower extremities. Its four interchangeable attachments are soft, and its massage style focuses more on the aforementioned rhythms and less on intensity. The Lyric requires a Wi-Fi connection, which allows it to update its built-in features and supplemental content (videos, for instance). It has a dock-style charging station.

where can i buy a body massager

With rotating massage nodes and a heat function for enhanced relief, the Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager works out the tension just about anywhere on your body. We also like the DEER JUMP Massage Ball Kit for an affordable option that travels easily.

For anyone experiencing back or neck stiffness, Xyllion's Shiatsu Massager (view at Amazon) is an easy-to-use pick that will tackle kinks and stiffness with the press of a button. Using reverse-rotating nodes, the massager provides the same benefits as a spa deep tissue massage. It also includes a heat function for even more relief for sore muscles.

If you're willing to make an investment, the Theragun Pro (view at Amazon) checks all of the boxes. The splurge-worthy pick makes it easy for you to squeeze in massage sessions no matter where you are without disturbing those around you.

If you're pregnant, it's best to first discuss with your healthcare provider whether it's safe to use a massager. A massager is not recommended for women experiencing high-risk pregnancies or certain pre-existing conditions.

If your massager is consistently causing you pain or discomfort, you might want to try a different model. For example, if a percussive therapy massager is feeling too intense, a vibration therapy or manual massager could be a better fit.

The Roller Original EVO III Pro is a unique body massager and body former that our partner, BS-Systems has engineered and produced in the Czech Republic since 1997.

With the BONNO mini-massager, you will enjoy a relaxing vibration massage, any time, at any place.Its design is ergonomic since its massage arms adapt perfectly to the shape of the human body.The massager's arms can apply the right massage to any part of the body (head, shoulders, neck, back, legs, feet...) thanks to their high-performance vibration motors.No need to worry about where to use it, since the mini-massager is fully water-resistant.

Our shipments are managed by the main European logistics companies, leaders in their sector.From the first moment you will have a code to know in detail where your product is at each moment and when you will receive it.

It depends on the type of massage you're after. Big round head attachments are typically used on larger muscle groups like the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Its larger surface area makes it more efficient on these larger targets. Meanwhile, a small round head attachment is a great all-around pick that works well across the body.

To avoid injury, refrain from using massage guns on bones, tendons, ligaments, and the trunk of your neck. Using a massage gun on parts of the body that aren't soft muscle tissue could lead to inflammation, pain, or even nerve damage and torn tendons in some cases. It's important to learn how to use a massage gun properly before starting your percussive therapy journey. If you are experiencing joint pain, injury, acute muscle pain, or other musculoskeletal disorders, make sure to get clearance from your doctor before using a massage gun.

Have you been spending more time at your desk this year? The good news is that a percussive massager can help to soothe the pain associated with poor posture and spending too much time sitting. If that sounds familiar, we recommend checking out our guide to the best standing desks (opens in new tab) and the best best ergonomic office chair (opens in new tab). Often wake up feeling stiff and achy? In that case, the culprit may be your bed. Check out our guide to the best mattress online (opens in new tab) guide if so.

Theragun massagers are some of the most coveted wellness products in the world, so we were very excited when the Theragun Mini landed. This dinky handheld massager is now the baby of the Theragun bunch, yet it still delivers an incredibly powerful performance despite its small stature.

The tips include a silicone massage-oil applicator, an air-cushion tip for general massage, a six-head tip for deep-tissue/sports massage, a point tip for acupressure, a scalp tip and a gentle migraine tip to give a gentle vibrating massage to the head. The percussion mode is designed to relieve deep-tissue tension and loosen knots, while the vibration mode can help with more sensitive parts of the body.

The Mighty Bliss handheld massager is safe for use on your back, arms, neck and legs, and is perfect for regular use as part of an at-home massage therapy treatment. You could also use it to warm up your muscles before a high intensity fitness class or workout, though nothing substitutes for proper stretching.

You can even choose to have a heated massage to boost recovery of tight or sore muscles. Let's be honest, heat is also massively relaxing, which makes this one of the best handheld massagers for simply relaxing and unwinding too.

There is no independent on or off switch, so if you're using the Percussion Pro With Heat on the lowest speed setting, you'll need to cycle through every speed setting before the device will shut off. That's pretty annoying.The HoMedics massager comes with two sets of heads, one of which is soft, one firm. This enables you to choose the level of pressure and intensity you receive from your massages. Changing the heads is simple too.

The Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Massager comes with five different massage heads, each designed to provide a different massage technique for various parts of your body, such as your shoulders and thighs. The Renpho is superb at relaxing tight muscles, especially those in the upper back, and would suit people who are used to receiving a sports massage.

The Wahl body massager provides a relaxing massager and is a good tool to use if you need a hand unwinding in the evenings. On the highest setting it can also be used to help you warm down after exercise, though the Theragun is better for boosting recovery post-workout.

The Kikkerland AR18-A Massager is a very specialized handheld massager, on that it works best on your scalp but doesn't really work effectively on other parts of your body. Since it weighs just 1.6oz, you arms won't get tired when using it, and as it's such a simple device, it's infinitely less expensive than the other massagers above.There are nodes on the end of each massagers 'fingers' to gently massage and sooth your scalp. You can change your angle of approach to slightly adjust the pressure of the massage. Not only is this relaxing, it helps stimulate blood flow. The Kikkerland AR18-A Massager is only 9.5 inches tall and the fingers are flexible, which makes this a massager that's easy to pack and travel with.

When it comes to soothing muscle pain, a massager offering heat therapy is ideal. Adding heat promotes blood circulation which can help alleviate niggly pain. Not many massagers offer this feature so if this is a priority it will likely narrow your search.

If you are having a massage from a therapist, then most humans respond to touch as well, which has an additional calming effect on the body. When the massager is used to relax the muscles, this has several benefits including:

Massaging the body is said to help get rid of natural toxins, but what are toxins and what harm do they cause? Toxins are a build-up of natural substances in the body, which are a by-product of normal bodily functions.

Massage can also help with cellulite on areas of the body such as the buttocks and thighs. While cellulite is perfectly normal in all bodies, you may prefer to reduce its appearance. When incorporated into your self-care routine, regularly massaging the affected areas can help smooth out the skin.

The PRO is also slightly lighter than its predecessor while still being much more powerful than its fellow Therabody guns, as well as being 20% quieter than the previous model. It comes with a wide range of six heads to sooth any ache and pain, but the battery life is just 2.5hours, which is half that of the 4th gen model. Thankfully it does have super-fast USB-C charging, so you won't be left short in your time of need.

  • Faster relief and recovery to reach the next level. Take the comfort of massage wherever you go with its lightweight ergonomic design. The 45W high torque brushless motor delivers exceptional power, and with 5 adjustable speed settings, and six interchangeable massage heads, you can customize the vigor of your massage to get the exact treatment your body needs. PERCUSSION DEEP-TISSUE MASSAGE - Percussive stimulation helps to loosen muscles and increase blood flow to specific areas. A Powerful 45W high-torque brushless motor ensures your device will never stall while applying pressure. Get faster relief and recovery to reach the next level.

  • COMPACT CORDLESS DESIGN - Portable, compact, and lightweight ergonomic design is easy to use so you can take the comfort of massage wherever you go.

  • 5 STEP SPEEDS - 5 different speed settings, stepping between 1500 and 3200 impacts per minute, so you can get the exact treatment your body needs.

  • 6 INTERCHANGEABLE MASSAGE HEADS - Six massage head attachments designed for specific treatments, including: Dampener, Flat, Ball, Wedge, Bullet, and Fork heads.

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