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Kung Fu Panda Episode 1

The series starts off with our playful dragon warrior heading out on a journey to taste food all over China. We are aware of his love for food and that dragon master title really did get him some special attention but things cannot always be the same for our clumsy hero. And this is where the real adventure begins when our favourite panda goes off to be a hero that he is but ends up making things worse. Our dragon warrior is off to the world with a new friend and a new team.

Kung Fu Panda Episode 1

Range: Standard melee range, extended melee range with the Ying Yang Staff. Up to dozens of meters with non-chi techniques such as the Thundering Wind Hammer, Interdimensional with chi techniques (Even characters who are completely inexperienced with chi, such as the panda villagers, are capable of projecting their chi between universes. With Po's Mastery of Chi, Po changed the entirety of the Spirit Realm and was capable of traveling from the Spirit Realm back to the Mortal Realm. The Spirit Realm is confirmed to be an alternate reality of infinite size[18])

Intelligence: Above Average normally (Although Po sometimes seems to lack common sense, he has also been shown to be a competent planner when he prepared the Panda Village for Kai's Zombie army and when he tricked Shen with a Mantis action figure. He is also an excellent chef), Genius in combat (Po is a gifted martial artist, even when compared to other highly respected masters, who is capable of fighting the entire Furious Five at once without getting hit, using only a chair. He is an extremely quick learner, being able to master chi and inner peace in incredibly short spans of time, utilizing the latter to reflect Shen's cannonballs, defeating his entire armada almost single-handedly. Adapted his own kung-fu style, the Panda Style, in a matter of days to prepare for Tai Lung and has adapted new techniques and styles on the fly, such as when he utilized "Dizzy Kung-Fu" to combat Scorpion while suffering under the effects of her poison. He also learned two of the seven impossible moves in a brief period of time, where not even Shifu, the Furious Five and likely Tai Lung were able to learn a single one. When donning the Kung Shoes, he is capable of kicking three needles such that one needle will go through the eye of another needle and split at the tip of the third, and significantly outperform this test)

Po learns more about the history of kung fu and meets famous kung fu masters as he defends the Valley of Peace from an assortment of villains in this animated spin-off from the Kung Fu Panda films. 041b061a72


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